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“Our team is committed to a thoughtful & handcrafted approach on each individual student.”

Our unique combination of factors below become our strengths throughout 5 years of working:

  • Founders and employees all previously graduated from Australian universities, now living and studying in Australia. We understand better than anyone else common issues faced by international students.
  • Our group of consultants are not only able to put ourselves in your shoes with experience and high level of professionalism but we also have enthusiasm, proactiveness and trustworthiness as you are still very young!
  • We only concentrate on Australia market and Vietnamese clients, maximizing the effectiveness and the depth in consultation.
  • Our headquarter is located in Australia, then we will be the first people who reach updates and facts of Australian education and immigration.
  • Our modern Customer Relationship Management system always keep track accurately of our customers’ details.

Let’s find more about us: